“Microblading is a revolutionary way to transform your eyebrows from mediocre to mesmerizing.  Imagine waking up without the hassle of your daily makeup routine.  Microblading is the answer to long lasting, natural looking makeup."


What is Microblading?

Microblading is the new and wildly popular beauty service that gives you the most natural looking eyebrows. This is done using small hair like strokes with a tiny blade which deposits pigment into the skin, similar to a tattoo. Because the pigment is only deposited into the first layer of skin, the "tattoo" is semi-permanent and lasts up to 2 years. The only maintenance required are touch ups as per personal preference. This procedure can change the shape of your eyebrows, add fullness, give life to over-plucked brows, fill in spots that are sparse or uneven and cover over scars. 


Please note: Microblading is a two part process. Both parts are included in the price of the First Time Procedure
Part 1​ - The initial appointment is where we...

  • Design your eyebrows aka draw out the shape onto your face and choose the most suitable color (we have almost 30 colours to choose from or can do a custom blend)

  • Perform the initial microblading service


Part 2 - Four to six weeks later we want to perfect your look so we..

  • Go over the lines that have been made - you will see them fade 20-50% after the initial procedure, so this will ensure they last

  • Adjust color or add more strokes if needed


Please be patient. If you are not 100% in love after Part 1, just keep in mind that there is a reason it is a two part process.

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